Friday, October 17, 2008

Little black dress cake

Today on Today, Al (or was it Amy??) compared this spiced cranberry bundt cake in Bon Appetit to a "little black dress." Just like a little black dress, he (or she?? OK, please tell me it was Amy) said, the cake is versatile and can multi-task through the holiday season. You can take it to an office pot luck, you can take it to your family's soiree, you can serve it at home when unexpected guests drop in (yeah, cuz I always have home-baked goodies on hand just in case the doorbell rings).

And just like that little black dress hanging upstairs in my closet, this cake looks absolutely delicious. But that is where the similarities end. With the dress, I really just have to spend one afternoon making sure it is complete (you know -- shoes, accessories, etc.). The cake, on the other hand, has to be made over and over again every time you want to serve it. Plus, little black dresses are all about ease. This recipe looks extremely complicated. Aren't we busy enough during the holiday season? Do you have time to make a spiced cranberry bundt cake from scratch, over and over again, all throughout November and December. I don't, and I don't even have kids!


Renee said...

Dawn, this post made me laugh!! It is so funny!!!! Yeah, really. Who in the world has time to make a cake (and although I didn't see this on Today, I do believe you when you say it's a complicated recipe) over and over again during the holiday season! A good solution to that is just bring whatever wasn't eaten at one party to the next (sounds a little gross--but could work :-)

Erin said...

I'm intrigued. I want the recipe. But first I have to ask, does anyone really have a little black dress that they can wear year after year? I don't. Am I the only one?

Dawn said...

The recipe sounds really yummy! Erin, click on the link -- it will take you to Bon Appetit and the recipe.

I have three black dresses. One works well in the summer, one works well in the winter and the other is brand-new and more of a sheath dress that I probably wouldn't wear to a party. But I want a new one. I saw some really cute dresses at White House Black Market the other day that I fell in love with. So, the answer to your Q is yes and no. I have two, but I'm tired of them.