Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Merry Christmas

We still have 71 one more shopping days till Christmas, and I am already starting to panic. What will I get for Carl? What will I get for my mom and my dad? Should I send cards and gifts to my editors? Am I really going to gain 10 pounds just by looking at that pumpkin cheesecake? Do I have to put up a tree?

Help! This time of year makes me crazy.


Rebecca said...

The Christmas frenzy drives me crazy but I love the looks and smell Christmas. I think you should start creating your own traditons- things that you enjoy or like doing. One of mine is making holiday cookies with a bunch of my friends. We love to sit around eat, drink, talk, and decorate cookies. Everone should have their own and i love this one.

Dawn said...

Great idea, Rebecca. But you are the friend I want to sit around and decorate cookies with. How are we going to solve this problem??? You live to far away. :(