Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two and counting

So far, I have received two holiday catalogs in the mail.

One is from Lego. Three years ago, Carl and I ordered a Christmas gift from Lego for our niece Ella and we've been receiving Lego junk mail ever since.

The other is from Samaritan's Purse. I like this one because the organization is not peddling stuff. Instead, they are promoting "40 gifts of hope for a hurting world." So instead of buying an I-Pod, you can give $250 toward the construction of a hospital in an impoverished nation. Or, for just $4, you can provide a child with a week's worth of milk. I'm also a big fan of their Operation Christmas Child program, because it is a simple and affordable way to help make Christmas brighter for kids who otherwise might not have any gifts under their (hypothetical) tree.

And speaking of trees, normally I just toss these catalogs into the recycling bin as soon as they arrive (well, I do make exceptions for catalogs from Nordstrom). This year, however, I am going to keep them so I can take a count of how many I receive. Anyone want to take a guess? I'm thinking at least 100.

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wrangler4u said...

Better then recycling, when you have a dull moment, call the 1-800 number and pretend you are going to order something, then when you get the person on the line, tell them you want to be removed pronto from their mailing list. Boy they hate that! Then viola no more nasty tree wasting catalogs full of crap you would never order or only look at whilst sitting on the pot!