Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Favorite Christmas memories

I have a lot of fun childhood Christmas memories -- in part because my parents are really into celebrating the season. My mom goes all out with decorating, and my dad basically loves everything about Christmas (I'm not sure how I wound up with such a ho-hum attitude toward the holiday season). My favorite memory of all, however, involves our annual Christmas tree search. Actually, I'm not sure if we did this every year or just a couple of times -- but I like to think it was an annual event. Anyway, my parents would pick me up from school at Carl Cozier Elementary and we would ride in our blue Ford Comet out to a tree farm where we would search and search until we found the right tree. I believe it was almost always a Douglas Fir. On the way home, we would stop by the Mt. Bakery for a treat (we lived in Bellingham, Wash. near Mt. Baker at the time -- cute name for a bakery, huh??). This kinda goes to show that Christmas isn't about all the stuff under the tree, doesn't it?

What's your favorite Christmas memory?

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Jaime said...

I am crazy for Christmas. My favorite thing to do when I was little was making cookies with my mom. Which is funny because I don't really do that now. And my mom made delicious bubble bread for Christmas breakfast. We were still doing that until last year when we decided that it was just too hectic and rushed to go over to my mom's house on Christmas morning. I miss it, but now I make the bubble bread for my girls. And every Christmas Eve my grandparents and cousins would come over and we would open presents. We still do that, just not on Christmas Eve anymore.

I could go on but I won't. LOL.