Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gift cards!

Who doesn't love receiving gift cards??! And for that matter, who doesn't love giving them? It's so easy -- you go the store, plunk down some cash (or, plastic -- which I totally don't recommend unless you intend to pay it off as soon as the bill comes) and your gift is ready to go. Nonetheless, it is important to equip yourself with some knowledge about gift cards before going out and getting one for every single person on your list. That's why, today, I am sending you all over to Leah Ingram's fabulous Lean Green Family blog, where you can read up on Five Tips for Buying Gift Cards.

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Leah Ingram said...

Thanks for the shout out to my blog. Just so you know I'm going to be doing a countdown to a lean-and-green Christmas in the coming weeks. I hope you'll check back again soon. Thanks once more.